Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beijing: The Titanic Capital of China with an Extensive Transport System

Beijing the colossal capital city of China, is known for its modern architecture and ancient places both. It is the most populous city of the world with the 21.5 million inhabitants. After Shanghai, Beijing is the largest city of China. Today, Beijing is the main center of china’s political, economic and financial activities. The city is marked with historical sites, arid climate and only three hills. Being popular as Forbidden City, Beijing has encircled with ring roads that are actually rectangular in their formation, serving the whole city. The Great China Wall is another magnificent site to see and admire in Beijing, witnessed by visitors across the world.

To travel around the Beijing, there are abundant choices including air, rail, road and water, making this city an important hub for china’s transportation. Now, I am going to tell you precisely about the frequently used modes of transport in Beijing.
By Air

Beijing is served by two major airports, Capital International Airport and Nanyuan Airport. The third airport, named Beijing New Airport, is also under construction and will be available for traveling services soon. Capital airport of the city is famous as the First door to China as it handles a large number of domestic and International flights. The airport is not only largest in China but also in whole Pacific with two control towers, three terminals, and three runways. Over 90 airlines are operating at this airport, catering 1400 flights from and to the 223 destination.
By Train

Beijing is also the hub of china’s railway network from where trains are running to all the cities of china. The main railway lines are Jingjiu railway, Jingguang railway and jingha Railway, which are operating train service from Beijing to whole china. Recently, the high-speed intercity trains have also been started which will transfer passengers from Beijing to Tianjin in half an hour only. There are almost 761 trains which are serving the passengers of Biejing rigorously and competently.
By Bus

The peripheral roads of Beijing have encircled 11 national road and 9 expressways that made road transportation in the capital city a convenient one. The city has 10 long-distance bus stations in the urban area which are operating thousands of buses to nearby cities of china. The city bus transit system is also the world’s busiest carriers as there are 20,000 buses are running on 700 routes. Bus network covers a large number of area as compared to subways and local authorities are also working to make it more comfortable.
By Taxi

Taxi is the most flexible and convenient tool of transport in Beijing among all other means. Currently, there are 66,000 taxis are being operated for the passengers in Beijing. For travelers, taxis are most reliable and customized solution for traveling. Pre-booking is also available for this purpose, making taxi service a most comfortable and affordable for them and you can easily book for Beijing airport shuttle easily online.
Altogether, Beijing is well developed by picturesque attractions and widespread transport system, easy to navigate, select and travel in China.

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